why I switched to substack

new platform, same great blasphemies etc.

As a person who creates Content on the internet, I am perpetually frustrated by the challenge of trying to figure out the best way to get the words from my soul to your eyeballs and earholes.

I love writing, especially on paper with a pen.

I love the conversations I have on Existential Happy Hour.

I love sharing these things with you and hearing how they connect with you.

I do not love all the tedious bullshit required to turn writing and conversations into Content.

Hopefully switching to Substack will solve all my problems forever and make writing and creating a simple and seamless experience for me. Ha! One can hope.

There are two ways that this might change your experience, which are as follows:

You’re now subscribed to Existential Happy Hour!

This podcast has been one of my favorite things I’ve ever created, and my main creative output over the past year. With Substack, you can select from your subscription settings whether you want to get my regular writing, new podcast episodes, or both! (By default you are signed up for both.)

You can now support my work via money.

There is some financial cost and a huge time cost involved in creating Content, especially podcast content. If my work has meant something to you and you want to give me a few dollars a month or a year to keep morale up, you can do that now!

Whether you select the paid option or the free option, you’ll get an email when I make a new essay or drop a podcast episode. If you’re a paying subscriber, you’ll also get random bits of experimental writing, as well as the warmth of my eternal gratitude.

If that’s your jam, I created a 20% off promo code for you because you’ve been along for the ride this long. Click here: https://micahjmurray.substack.com/4e32b2bf

Thanks for being part of this adventure with me.

Love always,