if you believe (as i do) that every construct of God is an idol, every act of deconstruction becomes holy. every moment of doubt is baptized in grace. every confession of unbelief is a prayer. belief is not so much about the content of my doctrines but
it is a strange and mysterious thing to be in relationship with an ambiguous universe which neither loves nor hates me but which today upholds me and…
I’m hosting a Zoom thing
there may come a time when you need to make a choice between the voice of God and the voice of freedom. this may come as a surprise to you because we…
a workshop for unbelievers
everyone of us is living inside a story. we did not write these stories. we were born into them. they have been written through countless ages, composed…
and a bit of unlikely salvation
a chaotic attempt at returning to the internet
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Micah J. Murray